Saturday, July 9, 2011

Sigma Dry 'N Shape

Hi all!

Last week, I got to try my newest beauty products, 
both from Sigma Beauty: Dry 'N Shape and F80 Flat Top Kabuki. 
*Btw: you get a free gift from Sigma with a purchase of over $30.

First thing that I tested was the F80 brush.
For those of you who want to apply foundation flawlessly and effortlessly,
and even look as if it's been airbrushed, I suggest you purchase the F80 brush.
It's basically the the holy grail of brushes for applying foundation.
I don't think I'll be using any other brush to apply my foundation
(unless of course Sigma comes out with a new and even better one).

Free gift travel size E25, F80 brush, and Dry 'N Shape
F80 Flat Top Kabuki $16
Dry 'N Shape $29 which can also be used as a brush roll.
Free gift! Travel size E25 Blending Brush that I have yet to try.

Brush cleaning:
Brushes ready to be cleaned!
Wash brushes with a mild soap such as baby shampoo, 
and rinse under water until it runs clear. 
(Notice the detail of the pellets of water -- cameras these days!)
Remove excess water from brushes by wrapping in a towel.
Make sure all the brush hairs remain in the band 
(FYI: the tighter the band, the faster the brush will dry. 
Thanks for the tip @simone_sigma).
Dried and shaped by Sigma's Dry 'N Shape. 
Can you tell they've been reshaped?
Brushes ready to be used again.

Unfortunately I did not stay home and wasn't able to time how long it took for the brushes to dry. But when I did get home, all of the brushes, even the thicker ones, were completely dried and reshaped, as you can see in the pictures. 

In conclusion: this system will help speed the process of cleaning your brushes faster, while also extending the life of your brushes. I used to dread having to clean my make-up brushes because I'd have to wait for them to dry over night, but now, the time is cut down to 4-6 hours. Wash them at lunch, and they'll be ready for use at night!

For more information about Sigma products, check out their website:

Thanks for reading! Stay beautiful, and stay hungry!


  1. Liz very informative! You know me... I've never really been a beauty/foodie pro like you but I am definitely eager and motivated to learn all that I can now that you started blogging. Smart move! Thank you for sharing!! You're fantastic!

  2. Thanks for subbing and for the support!